Nylon vs Stainless SteelRollers

Nylon vs Stainless SteelRollers

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Garage door roller shout out

Your garage door track deserves a shout out because a lot of engineering goes into making it enjoyable. The rollers in a door track are generally made of stainless steel or nylon, which may or may not have ball bearings. Let’s focus on the differences between using nylon and stainless steel. And, in order to do this, we need to address what these rollers do.Nylon vs Stainless SteelRollers

What the garage door roller does

The purpose of the roller is to link the door with its guiding track and provide fluid movement. To achieve this, each roller must not shear when supporting the weight of the door. It must also continue to rotate without interruption while under full load. We may take rollers for granted but those little guys are the only ones supporting the door in its overhead position. Keeping this in mind, nylon rollers and stainless steel rollers are both capable of performing the same job. That leaves the only major competition in noise production. Noise can come from two general sources. The first is metal on metal contact. The stainless steel isa tad bit noisier. The second is incorrect roller size due to wear. Uneven roller wear caused by faulty bearings can make your door a bit bumpy. Unsurprisingly, the nylon will be softer than stainless steel. This may lead to short service periods but you make up for it with less noise. If you have any questions about garage door bearings, contact our company for professionalgarage door services.

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