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My garage door cable appears to be fraying. Is this a source of alarm?

Check how much cable is frayed, but a little one can get worse as days pass. Our experts in garage door repair Pinecrest say that if the cable is severely frayed, it must be replaced immediately.

Are windows beneficial for a garage door?

Windows offer some advantages. Glass windows help provide natural lighting. They can also be an additional design to your garage door, which could complement your home. If you are concerned about security, there are tinted windows that will not show the interior of your garage.

How do I check the sensors?

Try to stop the movement of the door as it comes down. Your hand would be an obstruction and the reverse system must be activated. If not, there's a problem. A similar experiment is placing an object on the floor. Also, make sure the green and red lights are on or you'll have to adjust the sensors.

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