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We don't settle for less than perfection and guarantee thoroughness during the maintenance of overhead garage doors and electric openers

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Our garage door company/contractor in Pinecrest is the best company in the area. Our Company in Pinecrest provides the best in door services for all of our wonderful customers. We offer many services for our customers. One of these services is maintenance/adjustments. When you have a garage door you will need some preventative services done on your garage door to keep it running in smooth operating order. Our garage door contractors can do these services for you as often as you like. We can come out every 6 to 12 months if you would like.  The services we'll provide with  regularly maintenance and lubrication, tightening of all nut, bolts, and screws on door and also check your whole system to make sure that everything is going right. This can save little issues from turning into full blown money costing issues.Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door springs is another service that we provide. There are 2 different kinds of garage door springs:

  •     Torsion springs in Pinecrest- for heavy doors.
  •     Galvanized springs in Pinecrest- bonded strong combining zinc and iron
  •     Extension springs in Pinecrest- Tfor light garage doors.

These springs will last about 10,000 cycles before they will need to be replaced. Springs have been known to really hurt homeowners that try to replace them so always have our Company in Pinecrest replace or install them for you.

Now let us tell you about our opener service. Openers will let you open and close your garage with just a touch of a switch. This can save you a lot of back strain. We at our company in Pinecrest not only can install, replace and repair these openers we also provide them. The brands we carry are: Sears in Pinecres, Genie in Pinecres, Liftmaster in Pinecres, Chamberlain in Pinecres, Craftsman in Pinecres, and Marantec in Pinecres. These run off a drive. It could be a:

  •     Chain Drive in Pinecres- This is the common drive, noisy and least expensive.
  •     Belt Drive in Pinecres- This is very quiet but costly.
  •     Screw Drive in Pinecres-  A little expensive, but little less noisy

Remember these openers are heavy and hard to install on your own so let our experts do this for you.

Garage door remotes are also nice to have. If you have ever had to get out of your car in a storm to open your door then you will understand why. Our Company in Pinecrest provides remotes in these brands:

  •     Genie Intellicode   in Pinecres– has rolling code technology and that's allow you open your door automatically, it is the most secured technology and a little expensive. You need not to worry about the security if use that.
  •     Liftmaster Security + in Pinecres -  also has the latest rolling code technology.
  •     Multi Code in Pinecres– this allows you to operate from different frequencies at once.
  •     Clicker in Pinecres– considered as the true universal remote.

All of these come in different styles and colors.

Garage door replacements & installations are another service that our contractors provide. We have wooden, aluminum,Craftsman and steel doors. These models have a variety of colors and styles. We also have glass doors. These are fantastic for allowing your garage to get natural light from the sun. They are easy to take care of and are stronger then they look. We can also replace door windows.

Garage door repairs are another service we do. Of course we would not be a good company if we could not do repairs. Our Door Repair in Pinecrest can do any repair if it involves a door. Here is a few we can do:

  •     door off track
  •      weather strip
  •     bottom rubber
  •     replace section of door
  •     broken emergency release

Garage door cables & tracks is a service we do also. This is a service that is really important because your door cables & tracks must be kept in great working condition. We provide cables and tracks at our company. The track is a lot more costly then the cables. If there is a problem with your cables and tracks have us take care of them right away before they get out of hand and become very costly. Our Company in Pinecrest is experts with these pars. Here are some things that can go wrong:

  •     cable snapped
  •     repair bent track
  •     cable loose
  •     replace garage track
  •     cable broken
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